Labs at Lifestyle Medical Centers


Knowing your numbers is an important first step to improving your health. 

Lifestyle Medical Centers offers a wide range of labs to assess your unique needs better and develop your personalized care plan. 

Please review the summary of our lab policies and transparent pricing below:

  • We prefer you fast for at least 8 hours prior to having your labs drawn. HOWEVER, it is not required, particularly if you have a lab appointment late in the day.  If you are not fasting and have an abnormal result, we may need to redraw those fasting labs at another time.
  • Fasting does NOT mean avoiding water. Please drink plenty of fluids; it makes the blood draw process easier.
  • We have partnered with a leading Group Purchasing Organization to receive the best pricing from Labcorp. We pass these savings on to you with transparent self-pay pricing options shown below
  • By default, we do not submit your labs to your insurance. You can request we do so PRIOR to ordering the labs.   If you choose to have your labs billed to insurance, please understand that Lifestyle Medical Centers does not handle the billing.  This becomes an arrangement between LabCorp and your insurance company, and we are not able to provide any assistance.  Our self-pay pricing is VERY good, and the patient responsibility if LabCorp processes through your insurance will likely be higher.  Once LabCorp has billed your labs to your insurance, there is no way to access our self-pay pricing rates.
  • We do not accept outside lab results from another provider. However, we can share your results with any of your other providers.  You can complete a consent form here: Authorization To Disclose PHI
  • You have the option of getting your labs drawn at our clinic, or you can visit any LabCorp facility. If you plan to access our self-pay rates, you can NOT have your labs drawn at a LabCorp inside another physician’s office, such as your primary care provider.
  • All new and restart patients in our Intensive Weight Management, Healthy Lifestyle, and Diabetes programs must get a New Patient Lab Panel. Both the Hemoglobin A1c and the Lipid Panel need to be updated every 90 days so long as you remain in one of these programs
  • Patients in our Sustainable Health program only require an A1c and Lipid Panel on file every 365 days

Discounted Self-Pay Options for
Out-of-Network Customers

If you have a plan or provider not considered in-network with us, or if you are uninsured, self pay options might be right for you. Under the self-pay options, full payment is due at the time of the visit, and if we’re not in your network, our billing team will file claims on your behalf as an out-of-network provider, and any payments will be sent directly to you. This is NOT a promise of payment, and many times patients will have higher out-of-network deductibles that are difficult to reach.


Á La Carte Options

New Patient Visits (per visit)


Consult Visit $200.00
Initial Nutrition Visit $150.00
*all New Patients are required to get a New Patient Lab Panel ($9.00) as described below

Follow-up Clinician Visits

20 minutes $80.00
40 minutes $150.00
60 minutes $200.00

Follow-up Dietitian Visits

15 minutes $60.00
30 minutes $90.00
45 minutes $120.00
60 minutes $150.00

Laboratory Tests

New Patient Lab Panel

Hemoglobin A1c $3.00
Lipid Panel $3.00
Comprehensive Metabolic Panel $3.00
Total $9.00

Enhanced New Patient Lab Panel

Hemoglobin A1c $3.00
Insulin and C-Peptide $10.50
Lipid Panel $3.00
Comprehensive Metabolic Panel $3.00
Vitamin D $15.00
Thyroid Panel (partial: TSH+Free T4) $6.00
Total $40.50

All Labs

Apolipoprotein B $6.00
Basic Metabolic Panel $2.50
Celiac Disease Panel $66.00
Complete Blood Count $2.50
Comprehensive Metabolic Panel $3.00
C-Peptide $6.50
Ferritin $3.00
GAD-65 Autoantibody $45.00
Glucose $2.00
Hemoglobin A1c $3.00
Insulin $4.00
Iron and TIBC $3.00
Kraft Test (Glucose/Insulin Resp) $30.00
Lipid Panel $3.00
Lipoprotein (a) $8.00
LSH and FH $10.00
Magnesium, RBC $20.00
NMR LipoProfile $40.00
T3 Reverse+T3 Free 19.00
Thyroid Panel (Complete) $25.00
Thyroid Panel (partial: TSH+Free T4) $6.00
Thyroid Peroxidase (TPO) $10.00
Triiodothyronine (T3), Free $5.00
Vitamin B12 $5.00
Vitamin D, 25-Hydroxy $15.00

We are here to help you determine the most affordable way to get the support you need to be healthy. Call us today at (919) 354-7077 or fill out this form.